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The Natural Hiyy Self-Care Trio

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Spa day is any day with these three skin rejuvenating products. Made with top quality natural ingredients, your skin will thank you.

NATURAL HIYY EXFOLIATING SEA SCRUB, 4oz.Natural Hiyy Exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub is an effective natural exfoliant that softens skin and evens out complexion. It helps to remove dead skin, generate blood flow, lift out impurities, deposit healthful minerals, and facilitate skin cell renewal for youngerhealthier skin. It is formulated to cleanse pores and rejuvenate the skin.

NATURAL HIYY DETOXIFYING FACE MASK, 4oz.Natural Hiyy Detoxifying Face Mask is formulated to detox, tone, cleanse and eliminate bacteria that contributes to skin eruptions. It will cleanse pores and leave your face clean and refreshed. After using mask, follow up with Natural Hiyy Moisturizing Face & Body Cream to complete the optimal facial care process.

NATURAL HIYY MOISTURIZING FACE AND BODY CREAM, 4oz.Natural Hiyy Moisturizing Face & Body Cream is an unique blend of natural oils andemollients that effectively moisturizes and softens your body from head to toe. It can beused by the entire family for long lasting moisturization of the entire body.