Make the Switch Box

Make the Switch Box

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The dollar in the Black community only circulates for 6 hours compared to weeks in other communities. Well, if everything we need comes from outside our community, this fact should not surprise us. However, we have prepared a starter kit of quality Black owned products that will replace products we use everyday. Make the switch and get a bundle of home staple products from Black owned businesses! With your help, soon the dollar in our community will go from 6 hours to 6 weeks!

Included in this bundle: 

1. Ujamaa Lightbulbs (4 pack): 
Ujamaa's 60 watt replacement bulb is built with longevity in mind! 

2. Coral Oral Toothbrushes (4 Pack): Get a family pack of 4 toothbrushes. Coral Oral is the first Black owned toothbrush company and launch February 1st 2017. 

3. Natural Hiyy Dish Soap (32oz): Natural Hiyy liquid dish soap concentrate is a non-phosphorus, biodegradable, and environmentally safe detergent designed to clean and degrease dishes, pots & pans.

4. Browndages: Get a pack of 20 bandages for melanin enhanced skin tones. 

5. KCotton Swabs: 
Get 250 cotton swabs 

6. True Laundry Detergent 50oz: True Laundry Detergent now comes in the Smart Pouch with measuring cup, suitable for the entire family. 4x Concentrated!